Do I need to make an appointment if my pet is having an emergency problem?
If you think you have an emergency situation on your hands and it is during our hours of operation, you may proceed to our animal hospital as quickly and as safely as you can. Call us, if possible, just as you leave to let us prepare for your arrival. If our hospital is closed proceed directly to the Capital District Veterinary Referral Hospital or Upstate Veterinary Specialties in Latham.

Can I see the doctor I prefer when I bring my pet in?
Yes of course. When you schedule your appointment, let the receptionist know which doctor you would prefer to see.

Can you bill me for the services I receive?
Unfortunately like many small businesses, we are not able to extend credit to our customers and we expect payment at time services are rendered. We accept cash, check and credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Why does my pet need to have an examination when it has its vaccinations?
Vaccinations are intended to be administered to a healthy pet. Although your pets’ outward appearance may suggest he or she is healthy, there are many conditions that are silent that may be discovered on a physical exam. Once we perform your pets’ physical exam, we can better determine if your pet is healthy enough to be vaccinated.

Why do you often require that my pet be examined before refilling a medication that my pet has used in the past?
The law requires that in order to prescribe medications for animal, we need to maintain a current Veterinary/Client/Patient Relationship(VPCR). According to the AVMA, the following criteria must be met in order to have such a relationship.

  • The veterinarian has assumed responsibility for making clinical judgments regarding the health of the animal(s) and the need for medical treatment, and the client has agreed to follow the veterinarian’s instructions.
  • The veterinarian has sufficient knowledge of the animal(s) to initiate at least a general or preliminary diagnosis of the medical condition of the animal(s). This means that the veterinarian has recently seen and is personally acquainted with the keeping and care of the animal(s) by virtue of an examination of the animal(s), or by medically appropriate and timely visits to the premises where the animal(s) are kept.
  • The veterinarian is readily available, or has arranged for emergency coverage,for follow-up evaluation in the event of adverse reactions or the failure of the treatment regimen.

If  the veterinarian responding to your request for a refill does not feel that these criteria have been met, he or she will request that you schedule an examination for your pet before the requested medication may be refilled.

Why do you ask me to bring in a fecal sample when I bring my pet in for its annual examination?
We ask you to bring a fecal sample so we may test it for evidence of  intestinal parasites. Parasitism is common in pets. Some of the intestinal parasites your pets may harbor can be transmissible to humans, particularly young children and immunocompromised people. Keeping your pets parasite free not only keeps them in better health, but provides more protection from infection to the humans in your home.

Why would I want to have pre-anesthetic blood work done prior to any procedure requiring that my pet be anesthetized?
Pre-anesthetic blood work gives us a more complete picture of your pets’ health status. Sometimes information on the blood work helps us to better fine tune the anesthetic choices we make for your pet. Sometimes blood work picks up problems not obvious to us on physical examination that would make us want to take extra precautions, perform additional testing and in rare instances even postpone or cancel the procedure. We are especially interested in screening for any evidence of liver or kidney disease. Most anesthetics, just as most drugs in general are either metabolized by the liver and/or excreted via the kidneys.

We are located at 1946 Central Ave., Albany, NY, 12205. For directions, see the contact page or call us at 518-456-1613.