New Clients

Our veterinary team in Albany, NY welcomes you and your pet!

New clients and their pets are always welcomed at the Colonie Animal Hospital. In preparation for your first visit, please bring a copy of your pets’ medical history. If you have medical records from another veterinarian, please request that copies of those records be faxed to our animal hospital at 518-456-0917 prior to your appointment.

For your first visit, please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to the time of your appointment so that you can fill out the paperwork required to include in your pet’s chart. If you would like to fill this paperwork out before your appointment, you may print out the form titled Client Information listed under forms.

For the safety of your pet we kindly request that you have your pet secured when you enter the building. Dogs must be leashed and kept close to your side. Cats should be transported in  cat carriers, preferably a carrier that has a removable top that would allow the cat to remain in the bottom of its carrier. Cats who are very frightened when visiting the animal hospital are much more comfortable for their examinations if they are allowed to remain in the bottom portion of their carriers for their examinations. Birds should be brought to the hospital in a transport cage. Ferrets and other small mammals can be brought to the animal hospital in secure carriers of your choice, as long as they remain secure until the time of their examination.

We are located at 1946 Central Ave., Albany, NY, 12205. For directions, see the contact page or call us at 518-456-1613.

Client Information Sheet